Cabin Boats

ALUKIN Cabin 750

  • LOA about 7.5 m
  • BOA about 2.35 m
  • H(freeboard) about 0.75 m
  • Weight without engine about 1520 kg
  • Rigging length XL (25")
  • Engine size 150-300 hp
  • Max recommended speed 40 knots
  • Cargo pump Self-draining
  • Labelling CE/C
  • Number of people 8

About ALUKIN Cabin 750

 ALUKIN C 750 is a versatile cabin boat in aluminium that combines business with pleasure, and can be used almost all year round! There is plenty of storage in the cabin as well as on the fore- and aft decks. More storage can be found along the inside of the freeboards along the boat.

The aft deck provides safe mooring when you are on your own in the boat. The waist-height railing provides efficient protection from waves crashing in over the stern and flooding the cabin. The standing height in the cabin is 190 cm. A wide side deck with slipping proof aluminium, and solid grab rails, makes it easy to move around on the boat. The interior is cosy and dampened with comfortably Grammer chairs. 

As with all Alukin's aluminium boats, this boat has maximum strength with a fully welded hull, where the cabin and the hull are welded as one unit. This all-aluminium construction can withstand the toughest environments. The boat is equipped with the Alukin silencing concept, designed to provide top-class comfort.