Cabin Boats


  • LOA about 8.50 m
  • BOA about 2.60 m
  • H(freeboard) about 0.60 m
  • Weight without engine about 2100 kg
  • Rigging length XL (25")
  • Engine size 250-450 hp
  • Max recommended speed 45 knots
  • Cargo pump Self-draining
  • Labelling CE/C
  • Number of people 8

About ALUKIN SCR 850

ALUKIN SCR 850 is an aluminium boat which combines family needs and speed with a rough but functional design. The front cabin provides comfortable space for overnight stays and has plenty of cubbyholes, dimmers, and daylight.

The cabin can also be made up as a bed between the aft thwarts, providing the family with space enough for overnight stays. Despite the spacious interior, the boats' appearance is slender, well proportioned, and with a sporty look. The 30 cm wide side deck has a slipping-proof ribbed metal sheet, solid grab rails, and a secure railing, making it easy to move around the boat both inside and outside. This is a 'commuters dream', according to the magazine Båtnytt, that gave the boat top grade after a test drive. By default, it has comfortable Grammer chairs, a bed set, and triple windscreen wipers. The boat can be adjusted for trolling fishing, with an optimized aft deck, rod holders, and all other necessary equipment.