Cabin Boats


  • LOA about 9.50 m
  • BOA about 2.90 m
  • H(freeboard) about 0.60 m
  • Weight without engine about 3000 kg
  • Engine size 350 – 2×350
  • Max recommended speed 45 knots
  • Cargo pump Self-draining
  • Labelling CE/C
  • Number of people 10



About ALUKIN SCR 950

 ALUKIN SCR 950 is the largest Alukin leisure boat among Alukin's boat models. It has been constructed to combine high comfort with practical all-season boat life. The covered foredeck and a cabin in the bow satisfy multiple needs. 

The boat is 9.5 meters long, providing plenty of space for comfortable overnight stays. It also offers fast transportation for you who quickly and safely need to get from one place to another in all weather conditions. 

The boat is very well-equipped with a panorama glass ceiling, a heater, dimmers in the cabin sections, and a separate WC compartment. Can also be equipped with dual engines of up to 700 hp. Please contact your dealer for more information!