Cabin Boats


  • Length 9.5 m
  • Width 2.9 m
  • Deep draft (tilted motor) about 0.5 m
  • Fuel Carrying Capacity about 450 litres
  • Weight without engine about 3100 kg
  • Max engine 2×350 hp
  • Number of people 8
  • Plate thickness (bottom/freeboard/floor) 5/5/5
  • Bottom angels (stern/bow) 19/42

About ALUKIN WA 950

ALUKIN WA 950 is an aluminium boat with a walk-around deck and sturdy freeboards equipped with grab rails all around the boat. It has side-mounted sliding doors on both sides of the cabin and openable side doors in the freeboards on the aft deck.

It is 9.5 meters long, which provides plenty of space for comfortable overnight stays. Furthermore, it offers fast transportation for you who quickly and safely need to get from one place to another in all weather conditions. The covered, spacious foredeck has bunks and plenty of natural light. This makes for a pleasant overnight stay. There is also a smaller cabin in the aft, well suited for the children. 

By default, this boat is very well-equipped with panorama glass ceilings, bow thrusters, anchor windlasses, heater, dimmers, four Grammer chairs, a kitchenette in the passenger's cabin, and a refrigerator. Like all the Alukin's boats, it provides plenty of storage both inside the boat and on the aft deck, with many cubbyholes along the inside of the freeboards. Can also be equipped with dual engines of up to 700 hp. 

Engines: Mercury 

Navigation: Simrad 

Please contact your dealer for more information!