Work boats


  • LOA about 7.70 m
  • BOA about 2.42 m
  • H(freeboard) about 0.75 m
  • Weight without engine about 1550 kg
  • Rigging length XL (25")
  • Engine size 150-250 hp
  • Max recommended speed 40 knots
  • Cargo pump Self-draining
  • Labelling CE/C
  • Number of people 8



About ALUKIN CW 750

ALUKIN CW 750 is an aluminium utility boat with a centered cabin, which makes it easy to move around inside and outside the boat. You will find a deck equipped with bench seats and a storage unit on the aft side of the cabin. The aft deck enables you to easily moor and is big enough to use as a loading place as well as for, e.g., rod fishing. 

The spacious cabin has been designed to give you the best visibility possible. Full doors in both the front and the back make for easy access. The flap is operated from the driver's seat. The bow deck has an impressive length of 2.5 meters. The width of the flap opening is 1,28 m, providing plenty of space to bring an ATV on board. The height inside the cabin is 190 cm. ALUKIN CW 750 is the perfect aluminium boat to use all year round! 

You will find a wide range of additional options, such as a refrigerator box, a heating cabinet for lunch boxes or a kitchenette equipped with a sink and cooking facilities.

Contact your dealer for further information regarding our aluminium utility boats!