Cabin Boats


  • LOA about 6.50 m
  • BOA about 2.35 m
  • H(freeboard) about 0,8 m
  • Weight without engine about 1200 kg
  • Rigging length XL (25")
  • Engine size 150-225 hp
  • Max recommended speed 40 knots
  • Cargo pump Self-draining
  • Labelling CE/C
  • Number of people 6

About ALUKIN C 650

Our smallest cabin boat in the series has been redesigned starting in model year-23! This is a large aluminum boat in a small format, which in its new design has really been optimized in terms of space! Although the hull is only 6.5 meters, the boat feels spacious, with good and functional surfaces throughout the boat.

Everything is fully welded, which makes the entire boat extremely torsionally rigid and stable, which is noticeable in its driving characteristics. The feeling is safe even for the unaccustomed boater. It is stable and easy to drive, responds quickly and raptly like a sports car and simply provides great driving pleasure. The cabin, which has been given a new look, has really been optimized in terms of space and height and provides free space for 6 people. The driver's seats are comfortable, with adjustable springy Grammer stands with stowage space underneath. Even the steering wheel is height adjustable, which gives an additional opportunity for individual preferences. The spacious cabin provides good visibility in all directions and has a lovely large manual sunroof that in beautiful weather gives the feeling of an open boat. It has a practical fore and aft deck with plenty of stowage space on both the foredeck. The boat is equipped with diesel heaters and three windshield wipers as standard. With 200 hp, it makes about 42 knots at maximum speed, and pulls about 0.95L at cruising speed / about 27 knots.

Like all Alukin boats, it is fully welded in one piece where the cabin and hull form a unit for the absolute highest stability and strength in the hull. It is built with Alukin's noise suppression concept, designed to deliver top-notch comfort.