ALUKIN CW 750 is a practical aluminium utility boat that won the heart of many. Durable, practical, safe, and not the least, fun to drive. ALUKIN CW 750 is a heavy-duty workhorse that combines driving pleasure with functionality', according to the testing panel at the magazine Båtnytt. This boat will be a faithful servant that will meet all the requirements, for work as well as for leisure activities. You can easily load quad bikes, machines, and materials; making it an excellent choice for anyone interested in hunting, fishing, or other activities in the archipelago. 


ALUKIN CW 850 is the big sister of our popular aluminium utility boat CW 750, and as the name shows, it is one meter longer. The spacious cabin has room for 8 people. On the foredeck you can easily load almost anything, such as quad bikes, construction materials and animals. The ramp is also perfect if you are in a wheelchair, or if your legs hurt, and you can’t jump into the boat as easily as you used to. 

ALUKIN CWA 750 (with STERNAL cabin)

ALUKIN CWA 750 is an aft cabin model, where the cabin has been placed as far back as possible, providing optimized space on the foredeck. Like its sisters in the ALUKIN's Work series, this rough beauty offers practical boat ownership as well as a fast and fun driving experience. It is easy to load your quad bike, construction materials or other bulky cargo on the foredeck. 

ALUKIN CWA 850 (with STERNAL cabin)

ALUKIN CWA 850 is an aft cabin model with two optional cabin sizes. The spacious cabin has been designed to provide the best visibility possible. Full doors in both the bow and the aft give easy entrance and exit. The foredeck has an impressive length of 4.2 m, including the short cabin. The width of the flap opening is 1,28 m, providing plenty of space to bring an ATV or other bulky cargo on board. The bow ramp is operated from the driver's seat. The height in the cabin is 197 cm. ALUKIN CWA 850 is the perfect aluminium boat to use all year round!