aluminium cabin boats

The advantage of aluminum boats is that they are both strong and durable while also being practical and lightweight. When designing our cabin boats, we've also combined function and comfort. To provide the best comfort during travel, we've focused on ensuring the boats are ergonomically designed.

In addition, our aluminum cabin boats have a hull that's built to withstand tough weather conditions year-round throughout the boat's speed range, allowing for safe navigation on the water. We have designed and built four different models of aluminum cabin boats.


Versatile, adaptable, and quiet! That's what best describes the new boat model that we're launching in the autumn of 2023!

ALUKIN Cabin 750

ALUKIN C750 is a center cabin model, providing a safe experience in and around the boat. In the aft deck, there is a bench made for both sitting and extra storage, plus cubbyholes on the side for yet more storage. The secure railing makes it safe to moor from the aft deck, especially for the younger passengers. It could also be used for sitting, cargo, or for rod fishing. The railing provides efficient protection against waves crashing in over the stern and flooding the cabin. 


Our smallest cabin boat in the series has been redesigned, starting with model year-23!

This is a large, small-format boat and in its new design has really been optimized in terms of space. Although the hull is only 6.5 meters, it feels spacious, with a lot of functional surfaces. Like all Alukin boats, it is fully welded in one piece where the cabin and hull form a single unit for the absolute highest stability and strength in the hull. It is built with Alukin's noise suppression concept, designed to deliver top-notch comfort. 


ALUKIN SCR 950 is the largest boat in the Sports Cabin model range. It's designed to provide both a high level of comfort and a practical boat life during most of the year. The model covers a versatile need for anyone who want a quick and safe transport in all kinds of weather. Being 9.5 meters long, the boat provides plenty of space for comfortable overnight stays with the family. 


ALUKIN Sport Cabin 850 has a covered foredeck and cabin, which provides a combination of functionality and comfort. It gives a simple boat ownership which gives the whole family the possibility for overnight stays. If you enjoy speed, adventure, and a rough design, this is the boat for you! A commuter's dream, with compact living solutions at its best. As additional options, adaptions for sport fishing and trolling can be done. 


ALUKIN WA 950 is an aluminium boat with a walk-around deck, sturdy freeboards, and grab rails all around the boat. It is equipped with sliding doors on the side, and side doors that can be opened in the freeboards on the aft deck.